Saturday, 15 June 2013

Vintage Wool Blanket Cushions



These cushions are up there with the most satisfying things we have made in terms of how inexpensive and easy they are with the cutest outcome! We are in the middle of exam week here in Dunedin and these cushions were quick enough to whip up during an afternoon study break. 

For your flat, cushions are an easy and inexpensive way to brighten up a room and the perfect thing to snuggle into on these winter nights. We picked up this vintage wool blanket from an op-shop for only $8 and got about nine cushions out of it.

Sewing machine

Vintage woolen blanket


Begin by cutting your cushions out. We wanted to make a standard size cushion so we cut the front of our cushion 45cm by 45 cm, leaving 5cm for a seam allowance, so our cushions would be 40 cm square.
For the back of the cushion we cut one piece that was 35 cm long by 45 cm wide and another piece that was 25 cm long by 45 cm wide. These two back pieces overlap in order to create a flap at the back of the cushion, no need for zips or buttons! 

The first bit of sewing involves hemming the raw edges of the two back pieces, just the two sides that will be showing. This is illustrated in the picture below. 

Next, add any detail or design that you would like to the front of your cushion. 
We chose a variety of cute designs for our cushions, among them were hearts and a few letters, even bits of lace. You can always leave your cushions blank and we did this with a few as well. 

Sew the design on to the front of your cushion. For our heart, Ali carefully sewed around the outside using a tight zig-zag stitch to achieve an appliqu├ęd look. 

All that's left to do is sew the cushion together!
Place your bigger back piece on top of your front piece with the right (outside) sides together. This is so that when the cushion is finished it can be turned the right way out and the seams are on the inside. Pin your cushion and sew along the pinned edges. 

With the second back piece repeat these steps, making sure that the two back pieces are overlapping. Pin and sew. 

Then you have an inside out cushion so turn it in the right way and it's done!
This is the finished product, a beautiful bright cushion that would look adorable in a living room or bedroom. These cushions would make a wonderful gift as well, you could easily whip up a whole batch and customise the designs for all your friends. 

We also made a smaller version of the heart cushion so we had a matching pair. 

Happy crafty cushion making, 

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