Saturday, 22 June 2013

These are a Few of my Favourite Things...

Ali and I are both home at the moment and it is fantastic! We were both fortunate enough to make it home just before one of the worst winter storms in 20 years hit New Zealand. Luckily, we could fly to our North Island homes, no problemo, but some of our friends have been stuck in Dunedin, their flights delayed or cancelled by heavy rain, gale-force winds and snow flurries down to sea level!
Needless to say, Ali and I are super glad to be in our warm homes with all this going on and so we thought we would do a post each about our five favourite things from home. I am going first this week, and Ali will do the tutorial and next week we will swap.

1) Baking and Tea

When I go home I love to bake. There is an endless supply of ingredients and I don't have to pay for them; thanks Mum!  Being home for me is all about the small luxuries, using the best tea set or erring on the side of extravagance with the butter and jam.

2) Cosy places to read and endless cups of tea

Mum always stocks up on books for me before I come home and I love to spend my days curled up somewhere reading, keeping multiple cups of tea on the go at once. This is one of my favourite places to read, I can snuggle up here all day long. 

 3) My bedroom

This is my room and I think it's super cute! I have amazing views across the valley and I get wonderful afternoon sun. If you look closely you can see my electric blanket control. I would have taken a photo of this as my all time favourite thing about home but it wouldn't have made as pretty a picture. 

4) Baths

This one is obvious. Who doesn't enjoy a steaming hot bath with a good book on a cold winters night? I'm currently reading "Freakonomics" and I can't believe I haven't gotten around to reading it sooner, it is so good. 

5) Sewing corner

This is my mum's sewing corner and it is brilliant. It has everything you could need stocked away in the cupboards, endless amounts of fabric and threads of all colours. On the table is a shirt that my mum is currently working on. 

We hope all our New Zealand readers have managed to keep warm and safe over the past few days! 

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