Friday, 28 June 2013

My Favourite Furry Family

 Hello there, Ali here! The time has come for me to tell you a little something about my lovely home in little old Rongotea. 

It's the university holidays at the moment, so Amy and I have ventured up the country to our respective homes in the North Island.

Last week Amy shared with you some of her favourite things here, and I've been spending the past few days wondering what to tell you about in this little section. Happily, after some pondering, I realized that the answer was sitting right on my lap! 

The thing I enjoy most about being home and miss most while I'm at university in Dunedin is, of course, my family members. 
You've already met my lovely mum in our mother's day post in May, so I'm going to introduce you now to the rest of my colourful family, weee!  

This is the ever lovely Aiko. 
Meaning "love" in Japanese, Aiko distributes hers in a sparing and on her own terms manner. Being so very pretty everyone always wants to cuddle her, but she has a quite strict "out of arms reach" policy. 
Luckily this policy generally doesn't apply to me and here she is staring lovingly (sort of) into my eyes from her favorite spot, on the end of my bed. 

Next up is Kuni. Sister to Aiko, and named for her likeness to a Kune Kune pig in both colour and eating habits, Kuni is the self appointed king of our castle. 
Here she is making a belly shaped dent in the top of mum's soft top car, much to mum's contempt.

These two are ever so helpful with anything craft related, particularly if it occurs on the floor or involves paint. Aiko, like many cats, enjoys sitting in the single least helpful position possible. You're lucky this post makes any sense at all because she has been trying to settle on my keyboard for the past half hour. Cats. Kuni is less passive aggressive, more aggressive, her party trick being that she will pull sewing pins out of my pattern pieces with her teeth and run around with them in her mouth, mewing victoriously. 

Next up and not to be forgotten is Hunter, the gentle pooch. Having made his blog debut here last week, he has proven to be a highly photogenic hound. German Shorthaired Pointer by breed, Huntey was destined to become a drug sniffer dog at the airport, but was soon found to be lacking in maturity and restraint. Thus he was rescued and has since become a beloved member of our family, now a bit more dopey and grey around the chops. 

And it doesn't end there! We also have four clucky chooks in our back yard; the taller one is my mum, proudly holding our bantam's first green egg!

So there you are, a little taste of my home life via a cacophony of furry and feathered friends.
All in all they make for a bundle of laughs and, at times, a great need for coffee!

 So here's to home comforts and happy days,

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