Saturday, 18 May 2013

No-sew couch cover



Sheets- $4

This is the couch that Amy has at her flat.  These old sofas are typical of student flats and can be a bit of an eyesore, especially when you're in the pursuit of cute.
Luckily for you we've come up with this crafty way of covering a couch with vintage sheets, yay!
 As an added bonus there is no sewing involved and it is super cheap.


Two bed sheets

We picked these vintage sheets up at the op-shop for $2 each


Take the seat cushions off your couch and drape one sheet over the whole couch.
Then tuck the sheet in so it's nice and secure around the arms. Make sure the sheet is nice and even everywhere and covers all of the right places.

Lay out the second sheet and lay your two seat cushions upside down on it, side by side. 

Now start wrapping the cushions like a present!

Fold the sides of your sheet up over your cushions, then fold in the corners of the fabric at each end.
Next, fold this over the top of your wrapped up sheets. 

Flip your cushions over the right way and squeeze them back on to the couch. Smooth out and tuck in any extra fabric. 


It's quite an improvement we think.

Enjoy covering those couches!

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