Saturday, 11 May 2013

Magical Mums

Happy Mothers Day!

It is a very happy coincidence that mothers day has fallen on our blog post day, because without our mums we both agree that there would be no blog in the first place. We wanted to take this chance to thank them, and tell you a little bit about how special they are.

Sally and Ali,

My mum, Sally Rogers, has been the single most influential and inspiring person in my life.
Mum is a hugely gifted artist and successful graphic designer, as well as being skilled at everything from sewing and knitting to home renovations. I am so lucky to have been brought up by someone so rich in creativity and so willing to pass her skills on to me, even though I'm not always the most willing student. Despite my being a little headstrong, mum has taught me how to wield a paintbrush, sand and repaint furniture, successfully use Adobe InDesign, thread an overlocker and so much more. Much of this impressive skill-set has been bestowed on my mum by her parents, my Nanna and Pop. They too have been hugely influential in my life and always have endless amounts of time and energy to spend on their eldest granddaughter, teaching me how to knit, use a band saw and play a mean game of Scrabble.
So I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful mum, for teaching me the skills and giving me the confidence to have achieved everything that I have so far, and for giving me the courage to be forever striving to do better.

Happy Mothers Day mum, I love you to the moon and back,

Amy and Bev,

This is my mum, Bev Harrison. I would refer to her as Bev in this article except I am forbidden, so I will just call her mum. My mum is an incredibly talented sewer and undoubtedly the reason behind the wee streak of creativity that I have in me. Some of my earliest memories are of mum and I going off to these strange morning tea type affairs where ladies would showcase their newest creations. I would shyly model the latest beautiful dress mum had made me and try not to spill my juice on it. Not only has my mum made me countless outfits over my lifetime, from ballet costumes to ball dresses, party dresses to pyjamas, she also selflessly sews for other people, something that comes at a cost to her own sewing projects. In the past my mum has agreed to make ball dresses for the daughters of her friends and is currently working on a piece of cross stitch for the new baby of one of her colleagues. It is not just clothes design that mum has a flare for, in the past she has sewed curtains and blinds for the house, painted rooms and recovered furniture, and when I go home I sleep under one of her hand-sewn quilts. Mum has always been willing to share her skill with me and I wish that as a teenager I had valued this more. My mother was taught to sew by her mother and grandmother, an extremely talented lady that was a dress maker by trade, and I dream of one day having the same skill level as these wonderful women.

So here is to mothers who encourage creativity, who can see a glimmer of hope in the wonkiest of seams and find beauty in the messiest of finger paintings!

Happy Mothers Day Mum! Love you heaps!

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