Saturday, 1 June 2013

Badass Pockets



T-shirt- $6 each
Material- $1

We have seen so many awesome t-shirts recently with every kind of pocket you can imagine! We made these t-shirts for Ali's cute as flatmates, mostly because we wanted to see Nick wearing cats over his heart. The variations of this DIY are limitless, you could add a pocket to any item of clothing, and put whatever you like on the pockets. 
These would make a beautiful personal gift for someone special in your life like a brother or boyfriend.




Sewing machine/needle and thread
Quick unpick (optional)

 These gorgeous shorts were made by Ali a wee while ago and feature her fabulous cat material. Honestly, how cute are those kittens? 

The first thing you need to do is cut your pockets out.
We used one denim pocket from Ali's shorts and we cut out another pocket using the pocket that we unpicked from one of the shirts as a template.

Make sure that you cut the pocket a little wider than the template as you want to leave some extra material for a seam allowance.
Once you have cut out your pocket iron the seam allowance under the pocket so you have a nice smooth seam like the picture underneath. 

The first bit of sewing that needs to be done is on the top of the pocket.
Simply sew a straight line along the top of the pocket about half a centimetre in. This is what Ali is doing in the picture below. 

Next, pin your pocket onto your t-shirt, making sure you get the placement right.
Finally, sew your pocket on to your t-shirt, sewing around the outside of the pocket. Make sure you don't accidentally sew the pocket shut at the top!

That's all! Finished, just like that! 
Now await the praise that will inevitably come when you gift one of these stunning shirts.

The boys are Tom and Nick. Tom is Amy's boyfriend and both of the boys live with Ali. They are silly gooses.

Happy pocketing,

 Tom, Nick and Ali live in the red block of flats, their very own heritage building.

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