Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tribal Wall Chevrons



Hello there, Ali here!

I don't know about you, but I am super in love with all of the bright colours and tribal prints this season!
They're popping up on dresses, iPhone covers, shoes and cat collars everywhere. Okay, well maybe not cat collars... yet!

So I decided, what better a place to have a brilliant bright tribal pattern, than on my wall? I have a habit of filling up my walls with all of the many things that I love, it just makes me so happy to be surrounded by pretty pretty things.

This tutorial will show you how to combine two of my favourite trends right now; tribal print and chevron.
And please don't get too worried about the presence of paint in the photo below. You don't need any painting skill at all to make these, you just have to make straight lines! If the thought of wielding a paintbrush still sends shivers down your spine though, you can use felt pens or coloured pencils instead.



Start by dividing your page in half horizontally with a line.

Next mark a point 9cm along that line.

Then draw two lines connecting the corners of your page with this point.

Next mark another point 7cm along from the first one. 

Then mark two more points, each 7cm along from the top and bottom corner of your page.

Join these three new points and you have a chevron shape!
All you need to do now is cut it out, and then repeat these steps twice more so you have three lovely chevrons.

Now it's time to start decorating, wohoo!
Tribal patterns are usually in parallel lines, so I drew a bunch of lines to help me with my pattern.

This gives you three chevrons, ready to be tribalized.

If you need inspiration for your patterns, try googling tribal patterns or Aztec patterns.
Pinterest is also good for finding lots of pretty patterns. 

Now get painting, you can use any number and combination of colours you like; so go crazy and personalize.
This would make a super cool personalized Christmas prezzie too if you painted your giftee's name into one of thee pattern rows.

That's it, you're all done!
How great do these look? An amazing addition to any room.

 Happy painting, 

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