Sunday, 27 October 2013

Teacup Succulents



How cute are these!

Hello hello, Ali here. 
I have a confession to make; I'm obsessed with these teacup succulents, I think they're just too lovely!
The obsession started I while I was in a hostel in my first year of university. I was feeling a bit homesick and missing my mum, and having a menagerie of pets around to cuddle. 
So I decided I needed to give a little life to my room, and the best way to do that, of course, was to combine pretty teacups with lively succulents!

The cost of this project really depends on the Op-shops you can find. Pretty English teacups can be found in secondhand shops for anywhere between $2 and $25. The trick is to look around and find a place that has them at a reasonable price, not just but the first pretty trio that you find.


Teacup (saucer optional)
Potting mix
Succulent or cactus


Gardening gloves

The first thing you want to do is put some potting mix into the bottom of your teacup.
The amount you put in will depend on the size of your succulent. If your plant is already quite big you won't need much in the bottom, but if it's just little you'll need quite a lot. 

The succulent you use can be a store bought one, you can buy little cacti from gardening and home improvement stores for a couple of dollars. Otherwise if you have succulents in the garden or know of someone who does, just carefully take a few leaves off the plants and place them in the potting mix, broken edge first. 

If you buy an already potted plant, it's important that you loosen the roots before you re-pot it into your teacup. 
Make sure you're wearing gardening gloves for this part, cactus spikes can be mean!

Place your plant into your teacup and carefully fill the rest of the cup up with potting mix.
Make sure you press down on the soil so that the plant is secured and won't fall over. 

And there you have it, an adorable new windowsill adornment.

These wee things make beautiful additions to any room, or make lovely, unique gifts.

As you can see here, my motto with these is definitely the more the merrier!

Happy planting,

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