Sunday, 22 September 2013

We're going to the market!

Hello hello, Ali and Amy here!

We have some very exciting news; we're going to be going to market here in Dunedin to (hopefully) sell some of our lovely things!

There is an adorable little market here called Market 22 which is held on Vogel Street on the last Saturday of every month, and it's just wonderful. So if you're around the Otago region of New Zealand this coming Saturday (the 28th), please come along and see our lovely things in the flesh.

Because of this though, we have been spending lots and lots of time making many many things and have decided to take a wee break from blogging. Only for a few weeks though, we'll be back soon, we promise!

Thank you to all of you who read our wee blog (hi mum!), your support is so appreciated! 

To market we go! 

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  1. Oh how exciting Ali! You'll probably meet some of my peeps! Best of luck girls, I hope you sell lots :)