Saturday, 31 August 2013

Great Gatsby Themed Red Card Party

Having made the appropriate head-wear, it was only fitting that we have a Gatsby themed event to show it off at!

So when Tom, Amy's boyfriend and Ali's flatmate, decided he would have a Great Gatsby themed Red Card*, we were both super excited! 
With Tom's permission we were allowed to be in charge of decorating Ali's flat for the event, so we invested in some gold and silver glitter and got started!
We had both been collecting glass jars bound for the recycling bin so we had all sizes and shapes of jar from jam to pasta sauce. These are a cheap and eco friendly alternative to buying mason jars, which have become pricey following their rise in popularity. Plus, once the labels are washed off, these jars make an eclectic and beautiful collection of odd shapes and styles, which just look gorgeous together.
We then got to glittering them, following this tutorial.

We had clusters like the one above around the room, and they were all made using recycled glass. The only things you have to buy are glitter and candles, yay! Amy upped the classiness even further with some pink carnations as well, aren't they lovely?

Below is the Great Gatsby himself (AKA Tom), looking mighty dapper with his cigar and martini.
Behind him you can see some black and white balloons Amy and I filled with gold stars and attached to a string which crossed the room. Amy also pulled out a few strings of bunting that she has had for a while, perfect for a bit of old fashioned style. 

And how lovely do these two look, a wonderful Daisy and Gatsby.
Amy complete with a glamorous sequin and feather headband which she made herself.

Here we have Tyler and Ali, looking sophisticated and ever so well put together.

But clearly the most glamorous couple of the night were Nick and Devika, allegedly the next Jay-Z and Beyonce. 

All in all, everyone was looking pretty darned good, and they knew it too. 
Boys sure do like suiting up! 

And then to finish off the night the lads retired outside to enjoy their cigars.

*Red Card: Event organized by one of your flatmates (in this case Ali's flatmate Tom), which all other flatmates must attend, usually involving costumes and alcohol consumption.

Ain't no party like a Gatsby party!

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