Saturday, 20 July 2013

Skirt Alteration



Thrifted Skirt- $5

Hello! Continuing our month of refashions and alterations, we bring you this super quick skirt alteration. Amy was lucky enough to find this gorgeous skirt while op shopping a wee while ago and jumped on it, even though it was labelled as a size 16. All the skirt needed was a few neat pleats to take in the waistband and it's ready to go. This is a very easy way to make an article of clothing fit better and the pleats add a lovely volume to the finished piece. 


A skirt


Sewing Machine

The first step is to try the skirt on and get an idea of how it fits you, where are the areas that are the worst fitting? These areas are where you will alter the skirt to fit better. 

On our skirt, there were already some small inverted pleats on either side of the buttons up the front of the skirt. We used these as markers to place our pleats. While wearing your skirt, gather a small amount of material in the waistband to fashion two pleats. Make sure that the pleats are the same size. Pin them in place. 

Take off the skirt and ensure that you have the pleats in the right place and they are the right size. Continuing pinning the pleat into the skirt a small amount, when it is the length you would like the pleat, run your pins into the side of the pleat. You now have a neat triangular pleat. Finish your skirt by sewing your pleats. 

Your beautiful skirt is finished, and fits much better! 

Happy pleating! 

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